Carnuntum’s business card: Rubin Carnuntum (EN)

11:00 — 12:00
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Sommeliers, Press, Retailers

And what a success story! The brand Rubin Carnuntum was created thirty years ago to give the region a common platform and has since developed into one of the most important red wines in all of Austria. Rubin Carnuntum wines are characterised by charming fruit-forward Zweigelt flavour and gripping concentration, clearly expressing the nature of their origin in the land between the Alps and the Carpathians. Paula Sidore will be guiding us in this online master class with international vision, exploring the myriad facets of Rubin Carnuntum.


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Projektmanagerin Anna Ulrich
Anna Ulrich
Project Manager

In numerous columns and two books, the native of the Pfalz region of Germany reported on local winegrowers. She would later earn a Master’s degree in Public Relations and Communications in Vienna. Since 2016, this child of a winegrowing family has supported Wine&Partners through projects and events for German and other international customers. After her maternity leave she works now with trinkreif and the Rubin Carnuntum estates.