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The diverse team at Wine+Partners all share one thing: good taste. Good taste in life, good taste in their work, tasteful sensibilities, and above all the ability to communicate in good taste as well. We love the products and companies that we represent. Because Wine+Partners’ clients know that world-class support and consultation is at their beck and call.

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Eigentümerin Ute Watzlawick
Dorli Muhr

We work to make the world a better place by explaining, promoting, and publicizing products that are extraordinary, sustainable, and notably good.

Dorli Muhr, Owner and Managing Director

What sets us apart Why are we the right partner for you?

Expertise with products and the gourmet lifestyle

We know the markets and the trends. We know where people are passionate about what and truly understand the product.

Key industry players and networkers

Sommeliers, specialized retailers, journalists... for over 30 years, we've been a crucial player on the high-end market.

International orientation

Whether it’s new or established markets, existing clients or contacts from our industry network — we've always got the international stage in mind.

A nose for new trends

We invent trends and implement them globally. There’s a path to success, just waiting for you to get started.

Wine+Partners Mitarbeiterinnen
Dorli, Tanja, Ute bei Wine+Partners

Facts and figures What’s our network reach?

Industry contacts

What we offer Our Services

From your first nebulous idea to closing the books on a proven global success, we’re always by your side. Regardless of whether your project is big or small.


Your goals are the utmost priority. Yet to achieve them, we need to think long term. And that demands refined strategies as the essential foundation for communicating your product.

Public Relations

Fame only begins once the media and opinion multipliers report glowingly about you. We’ve spent over thirty years building our network within the industry to make sure you receive the right coverage.


It's never too late to pick up on the zeitgeist. We help you keep up with the competition, including online. And we can show you new technological opportunities to blaze your own trail through the epicurean world.

Event Management

Events bring gourmet pleasures to all five senses. And that’s precisely what we do for you and your target audiences — always ideally framed to put the special features of your product in the best possible light.

Facts and figures What have we already achieved

Years of experience in the gourmet sector
Successfully implemented projects
Current clients
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Our Clients A selection from our roster of remarkable clients

Our Services

Strategic consulting and PR work to reposition Hungary on the international wine scene.

About the collaboration

“The arty label shows where Heimann & Fiai hope to go: to the best wine bars from San Francisco to Moscow. And I'm honored to help them with that!”

— Catherine Walbridge, project manager
Heimann & Fiai

Our Services

All PR work and influencer relations in Germany and Switzerland.

About the collaboration

“The most innovative company from Down Under has shaped my time at Wine+Partners — first from 2003 to 2009, and then after a brief pause from 2012 forward.”

— Ute Watzlawick, owner and project manager
Penfolds Weingut

Our Services

International PR work and transition from sommelier to Instagram Influencer.

About the collaboration

“There are few sommeliers as driven as Marc Almert. It's an inspiration to me every day anew to watch this youngest-ever World's Best Sommelier at work.”

— Bettina Bäck, project manager
Marc Almert Portrait

Our Services

International PR work for one of the most fascinating Riesling estates in Germany.

About the collaboration

“We are thrilled to have been supporting the estate since new management arrived in 2009 with tailored activities to help it along the path back to international renown.”

— Julia Ernst, project assistant
Gut Hermannsberg Weine

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