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We are known for efficiency and prudence, for attention to detail, and for the courage to go big. We love the products and companies that we represent. Because Wine+Partners’ clients know that world-class support and consultation is at their beck and call.

59D96480-2F52-4636-B930-6FF374BC137B Dorli’s
Gourmet Tip

"I only drink wine with food. That’s why it's so important for me that wines are balanced and borne by irresistible freshness."

Dorli Muhr
Owner & Managing Director

Dorli, a university-trained translator, founded Wine+Partners in 1991 while still a student. With tremendous passion and tenacity, she has helmed the firm for more than 30 years, transforming it from a one-woman show into an internationally renowned agency.

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59D96480-2F52-4636-B930-6FF374BC137B Ute's
Gourmet Tip

"When I sit down in a restaurant, I’ve grown accustomed to starting with the wine selection. Only once that’s decided do I pick which dish could pair with it."

Ute Watzlawick
Owner & Senior Project Manager

After earning a degree in public relations, Ute first worked as a journalist before coming to Wine&Partners in 2000 to assume responsibility for planning and execution of projects. Ute is currently responsible for Penfolds, WienWein, Kellerei Tramin, CulturBrauer, Gault&Millau and Mayer am Pfarrplatz.

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Team Elisabeta Aftin
59D96480-2F52-4636-B930-6FF374BC137B Marlies'
Gourmet Tip

“Beer from Independent Breweries of Austria tastes worlds better than monotonous industrial beer. Just remember: look for the seal!”

Marlies Auer
Head of Content

Marlies discovered her love of wine and cuisine at an early age. She studied International Wine Business and worked in the Napa Valley at a marketing agency specializing in wine. The wine and beer sommelier is responsible for the Wine+Partners editorial plan, is the strategic lead of the digital team and oversees various client projects, such as the digital communication of Austria's independent private breweries.

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59D96480-2F52-4636-B930-6FF374BC137B Astrid's
Gourmet Tip

,,Enjoy a view of the sea with a glass of Greek wine in a taverna high up in a mountain village, surrounded by wild herbs. That is my ‘Magic Moment’.”

Astrid Rauch
Head of Media Relations

Good communication builds bridges and is the key to success. Thanks to many intensive years in journalism, Astrid is not only very familiar with the media industry, but is also very well connected. Since 2022, she has been heading the PR department and brings her know-how to the international agency. Astrid is responsible for the top winemaker Dorli Muhr, the Doktor Wunderer winery and Tenuta Monteti in southern Tuscany.

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59D96480-2F52-4636-B930-6FF374BC137B Bettina's
Gourmet Tip

“I always keep butter in my fridge. Because butter makes everything taste better.”

Bettina Bäck
Senior Project Manager

Bettina has been with Wine+Partners since 2002, with countless projects domestic and international under her belt. She currently manages sommelier world champion Marc Almert, the culinary think tank Koch.Campus, the Styrian wineries Weingut Muster.Gamlitz, Weingut Langmann and the STK wineries, the culinary concept store Kärntnerei and the Kozlović wine estate in Istria.

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Gourmet Tip

"Vienna has some fabulous Würstelstands selling wonderful sausages. Try a Käsekrainer with a glass of champagne at the one by the Opera House."

Catherine Walbridge
Head of International

Catherine Walbridge joined Wine+Partners in December 2022 as the agency looked to expand its international reach and English-language expertise. The London-born journalist and editor grew up in New Zealand and has worked in international media for more than 20 years. She is a former Reuters correspondent, South China Morning Post Deputy International Editor in Hong Kong and New Zealand radio program editor. Her interest in wine and food became part of her professional life when she moved to Vienna and worked at Falstaff magazine for a year.

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59D96480-2F52-4636-B930-6FF374BC137B Marion's
Gourmet tip

For me, pleasure lies in simple things: fresh bread, good butter and chives from my own garden – you can make me happy with that!

Marion Topitschnig
Editorial management

Marion left the Carinthian countryside behind 20 years ago and started studying journalism and art history in Vienna. She later discovered a passion for journalism and after two years at KURIER newspaper, Marion worked for over a decade in the online editorial department of Falstaff magazine. She now brings her passion and expertise for copywriting to Wine+Partners, because she believes that the world is full of good stories that want to be told

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59D96480-2F52-4636-B930-6FF374BC137B Lydia's
Gourmet Tip

“My gourmet tip? Just that. Take some time to breathe in Südburgenland. Part of what I've learned is always to plan in some wiggle room and not pack too much in — leaving space for the magical moments to come on their own.”

Lydia Schima
Digital project manager

Wine+Partners brought in Lydia as a top-flight social media specialist. With a background in the fine arts, she brings not only an eye for aesthetic detail, but also the ability to move seamlessly between various online channels. She also gathered experience within the tech world from her time in the Irish capital. Lydia is the creative mind behind our social media strategies, and our first point of contact for online trends.

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59D96480-2F52-4636-B930-6FF374BC137B Kathi's
Gourmet Tip

“Crispy, freshly baked sourdough bread with a glass of wine makes any day fine.”

Katharina Gessl
Project Manager

After earning a bachelor’s degree in International Wine Business and a master’s degree in Content & Media Strategy in the Netherlands, Katharina gained experience with Buero Medienagenten and Vinea Wachau, and has been part of the Wine+Partners team since the beginning of 2022. The sommelier, who comes from a family winery, is currently doing her second master’s degree in viticulture and oenology. With her natural knack for wine, she is responsible for the Douro Boys as well as Aux Bulles.

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Team Victoria Nitsch
Gourmet tip

"For me, pleasure is embarking on a culinary journey through the rich traditions of a region. My motto: Just give it a try."

Victoria Nitsch
Digital project manager

Victoria is our jetsetter. She completed her Bachelor's in Management and Marketing in Exeter, England, as well as in Madrid and obtained her Master's in Communication Sciences in Lisbon. Her professional journey led her to global companies and agencies in Munich, where she successfully pursued her passion for project management and marketing for several years. Her strong connection to Spain, where she merges wine and lifestyle, sparked her interest in culinary arts. Back in Vienna, she applies her digital marketing expertise at 

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59D96480-2F52-4636-B930-6FF374BC137B Henrike's
Gourmet Tip

"A glass of Prosecco and fresh oysters at the Naschmarkt in Vienna sweetens my Saturday. A glass of mineral Riesling on the balcony, watching the world go by with friends is always good too."

Henrike Heinicke
Project assistance

Henrike discovered her passion for wine at the age of 16 in South Australia. She furthered her knowledge by studying International Wine Business at Geisenheim and enriched her expertise through hands-on experiences across 7 renowned wine regions. Her pursuit of a Master's in Agricultural and Food Economics took her to Vienna, where her deep-rooted passion led her to join Wine+Partners. There, she now brings her wine expertise to VAUX, Paul Achs and Gut Hermannsberg, among others.

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Team Elisabeta Aftin
59D96480-2F52-4636-B930-6FF374BC137B Elisabeta's
Gourmet tip

"A cosy evening with a glass of Welschriesling and a cheese platter - preferably in good company."

Elisabeta Aftin
Project assistance

Born in Romania, Elisabeta immediately stands out with her Upper Austrian dialect. With great ambitions, she moved to the big city of Vienna, where she fell in love with the diverse culinary and cultural scene. After completing a bachelor's degree in journalism and communication studies, she completed an internship at a renowned Viennese agency. Today, she uses her communication skills as a project assistant at Wine+Partners.

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59D96480-2F52-4636-B930-6FF374BC137B Sarah's
Gourmet tip

"Drinking enough is especially important on hot days. To make it easier, I stick to a good system: one drink against thirst, one for energy, and one for enjoyment."

Sarah Wapp
Junior social media manager

Growing up in the oldest red wine town in Austria, Sarah came into contact with the topics of wine and culinary at an early age. This resulted in a logical step when it came to entering professional life. Even before graduating with a bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Communications, Sarah knew she wanted to plunge into agency work. Since July 2022, she has been supporting the team at Wine+Partners.

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59D96480-2F52-4636-B930-6FF374BC137B Birgit's
Gourmet tip

"Freshly caught sturgeon steak from aquaculture with chard and freshly ground bourbon pepper. A glass of strong, full-bodied white wine goes best with the firm flesh of the freshwater fish."

Birgit Indra
Project assistance & event manager

Birgit grew up in a winery, attended a fashion-school in Vienna and worked as a fashion-designer and strategic retail manager for 28 years. Among other things, she organized more than 70 events. In 2019 Birgit returned to her roots and now runs her own little company for private dining called “Wanderköchin mit Herz”. As a private cook she prefers regionally und seasonally inspired menus. Since 2022 she has also been bringing her experience to Wine+Partners, cooking for the team, taking care of office matters and helping to organize events.

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Gourmet Tip

"For me, variety is the spice of life. I love to try different foods and drinks. Therefore, my motto is: take every opportunity to taste something new."

Marina Krenn
Controlling & Finance

After nine years in the finance departments of international media agencies, Marina, who hails from the Waldviertel region, joined Wine+Partners in September 2022. She discovered her love for wine and gourmet topics while attending tourism school in Krems. Wine+Partners enables her to unite her passions for wine and cuisine with her love of figures and processes.

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Team David Pauser
59D96480-2F52-4636-B930-6FF374BC137B David's
Gourmet tip

"Being completely in the moment is what separates indulgence from mindless consumption, the right company makes all the difference here."

David Pauser
Office manager

As a Great-Grandson of wine farmers from Burgenland, the born Viennese discovered his love for vines and grapes. After several years as a personal assistant for both international, and smaller local, companies he went into hospitality where he could further his passion for wine. In March 2024 David Pauser went back to his roots and resourcefully supports the Wine+Partners backoffice.

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59D96480-2F52-4636-B930-6FF374BC137B Anna's
Gourmet Tip

“My soul food: Pfalz steamed noodles. It brings me back to being a little girl at grandma’s kitchen table and all was right in the world.”

Anna Ulrich
Project Manager - currently on maternity leave

In numerous columns and two books, the native of the Pfalz region of Germany reported on local winegrowers. She would later earn a Master’s degree in Public Relations and Communications in Vienna. Since 2016, this child of a winegrowing family has supported Wine+Partners through projects and events for German and other international customers. After her maternity leave she works now with trinkreif, Gut Hermannsberg and the Rubin Carnuntum estates.

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59D96480-2F52-4636-B930-6FF374BC137B Julia's
Gourmet Tip

“Good food has mattered to me since I was a child. I come from the Vorarlberg, so I appreciate good old fashioned Käsknöpfle with apple sauce as the perfect comfort food.”

Julia Jochum
Project Assistance - currently on maternity leave

After studying photography at the Höhere Graphische Bundes- Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt in Vienna, Julia decided to study journalism. This ultimately led her to journalism. She has been supporting the team at Wine+Partners since February.

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