Arlberg Weinberg: The Lieux-dits of Spitzerberg

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Spitzerberg, in the very east of Austria's Carnuntum wine region, belongs geologically to the Carpathians. Dorli Muhr produces some of the country's most elegant red wines there on its barren, wind-exposed southern slopes. Since 2019, she has divided her top wine Ried Spitzerberg into four sub-plot wines. Why? "The characters of the plots are so different, I just had to do it."

In this specialist tasting , experts are invited to follow the development of the wines from single vineyard to multiple smaller site wines. An exciting journey into the complex expressions of limestone.

  • 2016 Ried Spitzerberg

  • 2017 Ried Spitzerberg 1ÖTW

  • 2018 Ried Spitzerberg 1ÖTW

  • 2019 Ried Spitzerberg - Kranzen 1ÖTW

  • 2019 Ried Spitzerberg- Kobeln Liebkind 1ÖTW

  • 2019 Ried Spitzerberg - Obere Roterd 1ÖTW

  • 2019 Ried Spitzerberg- Obere Spitzer 1ÖTW

  • 2020 Ried Spitzerberg - Kranzen 1ÖTW

  • 2020 Ried Spitzerberg- Kobeln Liebkind 1ÖTW

  • 2020 Ried Spitzerberg - Obere Roterd 1ÖTW

  • 2020 Ried Spitzerberg- Obere Spitzer 1ÖTW


Date: Wednesday, 13th of December
Hotel Post
Registration: Email [email protected]
This event is open to professionals only.

About Arlberg Weinberg

Lech Zürs am Arlberg offers guests remarkable skiing, outstanding culinary delights, and the finest of wines. The “Arlberg Weinberg” event, traditionally held in the first week of December, lavishes attendees with fantastic wines, culinary highlights, and captivating events. The program is tailor-made for wine lovers who also enjoy time on the slopes and joys for all the senses.

Arlberg Weinberg
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Arlberg Weinberg

Franziska Katterbauer
Franziska Katterbauer
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With parents who were wine traders and restauranteurs, her love for wine began at an early age. However, Franziska took a different direction after graduating from high school, studying illustration and later advertising design. Wine+Partners offered the opportunity of reuniting these two passions. She is not only involved in the agency’s graphic design but jumps in to support numerous other projects.

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