Weingut Wess

Winemaker with a love for Kremstal


Kremstal has many vineyards with great variation in soil and climate conditions. With expertise and finesse, Christina manages to express the complexity of individual sites in her wines.


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Second-generation winemaker, Christina Juen-Wess, is taking the helm of Wess Winery in 2023. Together with her husband David, she is repositioning the Wess estate and realising her dream of running a winery that is completely dedicated to the expression of individual vineyard sites. David is responsible for caring for the vineyards while Christina oversees the cellar. Together, they create outstanding wines – especially Rieslings – with unmistakable Kremstal character. 

The foundation

Rainer Wess founded his eponymous winery 20 years ago in a small, rented cellar with grapes bought from the best locations in the area. Now, young winemaker Christina, along with her husband David, is leading Wess winery into the next generation. Increased attention will be paid to modern management, innovation and sustainability.  

With a focus on Kremstal site-specific Rieslings, which are vinified with minimal intervention, plenty of time and space in the cellar and near-natural vineyard cultivation, the rising star winemaker wants to reflect the complexity and potential of Kremstal. The result is impressive, quality wines that put the entire region in the spotlight. 


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Franziska Katterbauer
Franziska Katterbauer
Project Manager

With parents who were wine traders and restauranteurs, her love for wine began at an early age. However, Franziska took a different direction after graduating from high school, studying illustration and later advertising design. Wine+Partners offered the opportunity of reuniting these two passions. She is not only involved in the agency’s graphic design but jumps in to support numerous other projects.

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About Weingut Wess

The Wess winery is run with passion by a young couple, Christina and David Juen-Wess. Christina is the daughter of founder Rainer Wess, who built up the winery from a small cellar with bought-in grapes to 15 ha of the best sites in Kremstal, Austria. Wess wines pay homage to the region – Christina emphasises the different characteristics of individual vineyards with sensitivity and know-how. They focus on Rieslings from those vineyards, which are cultivated with a back-to-nature approach, allowing the grapes time and space to develop.