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Montes in the Spotlight: World’s #3 Winery

by Dorli Muhr

As it does every year, the Academy of ‘World’s Best Vineyards’ released its ranking of the year’s most attractive wine tourism destinations last week. The live event took place on Wednesday 26 October in Mendoza, Argentina, where the victorious winery of the past three years is located. To follow the countdown live, viewers from all over the world could tune in via YouTube and share the thrills.

The result is hardly surprising, that the winery of Chilean wine pioneer Aurelio Montes found itself on the winner’s podium, voted the third best wine estate in the world and the best winery in South America by 500 international experts. The evaluation focuses on the overall concept of the winery, as well as general impressions and the nature of the experience.

Viña Montes came to life as the shared vision of four friends who first dreamed in the late 1980s of taking Chilean wine to a higher level than the world had previously known – a goal which they have since achieved. Montes now sells their wines in more than 100 countries and are regarded as pioneers of high-end Chilean wine. They also continue to develop exciting projects focussed upon reducing the size of their ecological footprint to a minimum.

Established in 2004, the winery utilises gravity technology, presents an overall sustainable concept and embodies an exceptional Feng Shui design developed by expert Sylvia Galleguillos. The Feng Shui philosophy seeks to provide a deeper union with the environment – and ultimately with the wines – emphasising the elements of metal, wood, earth, fire and water. Another fundamental tenet of Feng Shui prescribes that there should always be water flowing toward the building.

Upon arrival at Viña Montes, visitors cross a wooden footbridge that leads over a small pond. The water of the pond flows towards the main building and serves as a source of energy. The primary energy of the estate radiates from a fountain constructed in the shape of a lily, depicting the sun and the moon, located in the centre of the wine cellar.

Apart from its exciting architecture, which incorporates the principles of Feng Shui, the Montes winery offers a breathtaking backdrop that invites guests to linger and discover. And to make the visit even more appealing, the restaurant Fuegos de Apalta is nestled in their vineyards. Among the vines, visitors can savour the sophisticated culinary stylings of star chef Francis Mallmann while enjoying the fascinating panorama. 

The fairytale-like premises of the Montes winery draw visitors in to a foreign world that imparts an all-encompassing feeling of calm and positivity.

You can find out more about the competition here.

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About Viña Montes

Aurelio Montes Sr. is among the best-respected winegrowers in the world. He has proven his place as one of the grand trailblazing winegrowers of Chile. He began producing some of the Andes nation's first premium and ultra-premium wines three decades ago. His pioneer spirit and nose for outstanding terroir has led him from the Andes to Argentina (Bodega Kaiken) and later to Napa Valley (Napa Valley Angel Winery). Since 2012, we’ve had the pleasure of supporting “Angels in Europe” with its media work in the German-speaking world.

Viña Montes
Avenida del Valle, Ciudad Empresarial
Huechuraba, Santiago de Chile

Viña Montes

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