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The winegrowing region around the Eisenberg is located in the southeastern corner of Burgenland. With just over 500 hectares under vine, the area may seem quite small, yet the terroir—and how the vines use it to create their own unmistakable character—has grown it into one of the most interesting and nuanced appellations in Austria.


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Eisenberg DAC can be found on the southeastern edge of Austria. Green and blue slate as well as heavy, iron-rich clay lay like a geological patchwork across the region. Together with the climatic dance between warm days and cool airflow at night, the small DAC enjoys ideal conditions for expressive Blaufränkisch wines.

The winegrowers consciously draw on the clear sense of place, be it village or vineyard site, offered by the vines, in their successful efforts to grow awareness of the appellation. We are proud to support the winegrowers of Eisenberg in their forward-looking work.


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Communicating unity

The 40 winegrowers of Eisenberg DAC are a bit like the geological patchwork of their region: radically different and yet together part of a composition that not only functions, but shines. Their passion and creativity can be seen in how they incorporate sustainability into their daily work, ensuring a future for generations to come, and in the thrilling sense of place in their wonderful wines. Wine+Partners is proud to help them gain recognition on the international stage—and grateful for the opportunity to do so.

What is the goal of our work with Eisenberg DAC?

The winegrowers in the Eisenberg DAC association understand the need to promote a recognizable regional style for their wines. And to firmly place these highly distinctive wines of southern Burgenland onto the radar of the world’s leading wine dealers and sommeliers. The first Eisenberg DAC wines were released to market in 2010 under the prädikat “Reserve” (2008 vintage). The progress since then has been remarkable, with plentiful awards and honors attesting to the region's inherent focus on a sense of place and dedication to quality. Wine+Partners has had the pleasure of supporting them on this journey for many years now.

Experience Eisenberg DAC digitally

Did you know that wine has been cultivated on the Eisenberg since at least Celtic times? Or what the Rechnitz Window is? While the wines of the Eisenberg convey their unmistakable origins, there remain many more beautiful stories still to be told. These stories and more, including personal buying recommendations by the winegrowers, can be found on social media and the group's website, which we are proud to support.

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About Eisenberg DAC

Evidence suggests that the Celts cultivated wine in the southern region of Burgenland. Green and blue slate as well as heavy, iron-rich clay lay like a geological patchwork across the small winegrowing region. Together with the climatic dance between warm days and cool airflow at night, ideal conditions arise for expressive Blaufränkisch wines. The Eisenberg DAC association is dedicated to transporting the distinctive and nuanced essence of this terroir into their wines, and presenting them on the international wine stage.

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