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Mature performance: Eisenberg anniversary at the ÖTW Single Vineyard Summit 2023

by Birgit Indra

At what is billed as Austria's most demanding tasting, winemakers from the Eisenberg DAC will present a "Best-Of" from their most exciting sites to an international audience of experts at Grafenegg castle. A key focus will be the maturation potential of the wines from this area in the south of Burgenland.

Top-class tasting elite from all over the world

From 4 to 8 September 2023, sommeliers, wine media and experts from all over the world will gather at the picturesque Grafenegg Castle in Lower Austria for the ÖTW Single Vineyard Summit. The multi-faceted wines of the Eisenberg and Leithaberg regions will be presented alongside the single-vineyard wines of the organisers, the Österreichische Traditionsweingüter group (Traditional Wine Estates of Austria or ÖTW), and those of Styrian Terroir and Classic Wine Estates (STK) and Vinea Wachau.

Fixed tasting day for Eisenberg

The Burgenland site-specific wines from Eisenberg and Leithaberg have a fixed day within the sophisticated, week-long silent tasting format. On Thursday, 7 September, they will be offered to the experts for tasting, together with ÖTW single-vineyard wines in both the morning and afternoon sessions held in the former riding school of the castle.

This year it would have been the turn of the 2020 vintage but that year was particularly challenging in the Eisenberg region: localised hailstorms resulted in a very small harvest. Due to the low yield, only very few wines from this vintage are ready for the Single Vineyard Summit, which nevertheless promises a great tasting experience.

15 years of Eisenberg DAC

The 2023 ÖTW Single Vineyard Summit will not only be the fourth time vintners from Eisenberg DAC have attended Austria's most prestigious single vineyard summit. It is also cause for celebration as 15 years ago the first DAC vintage from Eisenberg was bottled. Although this vintage has now been consumed, the vintners will offer attendees an oenophile journey into the past, by bringing matured vintages in their luggage for the first time.

Maturity potential

The main focus of this year's Eisenberg presentation will be on the exceptional 2017 and 2015 vintages. The wines impressively demonstrate the ageing potential of Eisenberg DAC wines and the development potential of mature wines from the region. A comparison of tasting notes from four years ago will show what the assessments of the industry experts were in retrospect. All of this can be experienced on just one day – 7 September at Grafenegg castle.


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Eisenberg DAC at the ÖTW Single Vineyard Summit 2023 
7. September 2023 
Location: Grafenegg castle, Lower Austria

To ensure the undisturbed concentration of participants, admission will only be granted at the beginning of the pre-booked tasting slots (9 am or 2 pm). The remaining slots can be booked HERE


About Eisenberg DAC

Evidence suggests that the Celts cultivated wine in the southern region of Burgenland. Green and blue slate as well as heavy, iron-rich clay lay like a geological patchwork across the small winegrowing region. Together with the climatic dance between warm days and cool airflow at night, ideal conditions arise for expressive Blaufränkisch wines. The Eisenberg DAC association is dedicated to transporting the distinctive and nuanced essence of this terroir into their wines, and presenting them on the international wine stage.

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