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Summer freshness redefined in Lech

by Franziska Katterbauer

A unique hotel pop-up will launch in the Alps in summer 2023 that in some ways will redefine the concept of an overnight stay. Boutique hotel Kristiania Lech in Austria's Lech-Arlberg is opening its doors for the first time from 6 July to 3 September not just for regular holidaymakers but also for summer visitors who are looking for an inspiring atmosphere to work or play.

The new pop-up hotel combines all joys of travel under one roof and still leaves room for an individualised experience. The common denominator here is enjoyment. And not just for the palate, but also for the eyes and ears. The supporting programme of wine tastings, concerts and exhibitions will enrich the summer in Lech, which is already well endowed with outdoor activities and culture.

Dissolving the boundaries between guest and host

"With 'All together now', we have developed a concept for the summer of 2023 that brings together like-minded, interested and enjoyment-seeking visitors, and in doing so, breaks down the boundaries between guest and host as well as between work and holiday – or perhaps even dissolves them," says co-initiator Clemens Riedl of the project. The entrepreneur, who specialises in matured and ready-to-drink wines with his wine shop trinkreif, has lived in Lech during the summer months for years to escape the heat of the Austrian capital Vienna. He shares not only a long friendship with Kristiania host Gertrud Schneider, but also a passion for constantly developing new concepts.

Pop-up hotel room

Three room concepts at a lofty height of 1,500 metres

The Recreation Room comes closest to a classic hotel room. Here, the guest can decide how they want to spend their stay and which events they would like to participate in.

Those looking for a new place to work in a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere over the summer can book a Workation Room. To guarantee quiet and inspiring work, there is a minimum stay of two weeks.

For those who want a holiday-like stay in Lech that fuels creativity and gives them the opportunity of actively participating in the hotel and surrounding cultural life, the Participation Rooms are just right. Eight different activity areas such as literature, movement, music and social media are available. The winegrowers' room will also be occupied by friendly wineries, who will naturally help to shape the supporting programme. The organisers are open to further ideas.

Better Together.

Viennese gallery Sturm & Schober will curate the art programme. One of the highlights will be the impressive light installation 'Skyspace' by the American artist James Turrell. On the music front, the classical music festival returns to Lech for the 11th time in July with an exciting schedule. In August, international jazz greats meet on onstage to provide first-class entertainment.

The culinary programme consists of a wide variety of events centred on wine and gourmet delights. It will clearly show the signature of the trinkreif team, which is responsible for an extensive range of wines including matured rarities. Every Friday there will be a tasting with a winemaker in residence at Hotel Kristiania, which hotel guests can attend free of charge. Furthermore, Clemens Riedl himself will design and lead tastings especially for 'All together now'.

Last but not least, exercise is not to be missed. Lech is a hiker's paradise for a reason. A comprehensive network of hiking trails offer exciting excursions and impressive views.

Wine Tastings

Further tastings on the following topics are planned:

- Piedmont through the ages
- Barbecue with Californian wines
- Best of Austria
- trinkreif's Burgundy favourites

Salon Talks

The initiative of art lover Gertrud Schneider, the lectures and panel discussions will take place in a salon-like atmosphere. This is part of the art focus curated by Sturm & Schober, which can then be continued in an informal exchange with the speakers over food and wine. The talks will be moderated by Silvie Aigner, Editor-in-Chief of PARNASS Kunstmagazin (art magazine). They will be developed in the future to be a permanent platform for cultural and artistic-scientific discussions and encounters with people from the arts and culture sectors.

All interested parties can take part in the salon talks.

  • 7 July, 18:00 – 19:00: Film screening. Mathias Kessler. The Resort

    Introduction and artist talk with Silvie Aigner

  • Salon Talk I:

    8 July, 18:00 – 19:00: Questions you always wanted to ask about art

    A salon talk for art connoisseurs and those who want to become one. Silvie Aigner in conversation with Eva Komarek (art market expert, Vienna), Sonja Lechner (art historian and consultant, Munich) and Ralf Christofori (art critic, Saarbrücken).

  • Salon Talk II:

    22 July, 18:00 – 19:00: Must art save the world?

    Silvie Aigner in conversation with Günther Oberhollenzer (artistic director of Künstlerhaus Wien) and other participants.

  • Salon Talk III:

    28 July 18:00 – 19:00: Kiki Kogelnik – Art, Technology and Female Empowerment

    Silvie Aigner in conversation with Lisa Ortner-Kreil (curator Kunstforum Wien) Gertrud Klemm (author and writer, Vienna) Anna Sauer (Kiki Kogelnik Foundation New York) and Andrea Jahn (cultural studies director of the Stiftung Saarländischer Kulturbesitz, and director of Saarland museum)

  • Salon Talk IV:

    18 August 15:00 – 18:00: Sausage seminar with artist Paul Thuile

    19 August 18:00 – 19:00: Paper Works – From drawing to paper objects

    Silvie Aigner in conversation with Reinhard Ermen (author, curator, Art forum International, SWR), Andreas Hapkemeyer (art historian, Alto Adige), Paul Thuile (artist, Alto Adige), Elsy Lahner (curator Albertina Vienna, jury member Drawing Now, Paris, Prix de dessin contemporain Guerlain Foundation Paris)

  • Salon Talk V:

    2 August 18:00 – 19:00: Nature as exhibition space – from the discussion about Antony Gormley's Horizon Field in Lech to sculpture projects in Switzerland's Engadine.

    Silvie Aigner in conversation with Otto Huber (Horizon Field Association) and other participants

    3 August: Finissage Höhenflug Sturm & Schober gallery

Gertrud Schneider and Clemens Riedl

About Kristiania Lech

Elegant, family-run and discreet. Kristiania Lech is a boutique hotel that creates a tailor-made and private holiday experience for its guests. Here, an impressive atmosphere meets exceptional cuisine, art and culture. With a limited number of rooms, the Kristiania Lech has a very private feel. All room categories exude comfort and a sense of art, allowing a journey through different times and worlds, in the middle of the Arlberg mountains. Gertrud Schneider, the daughter of Austria's first Olympic alpine skiing champion and Kristiania founder Othmar Schneider, is the host and subtle designer of the Kristiana Lech.

About trinkreif

Wine is the most beautiful secondary item in the world for two Austrians Clemens Riedl and Markus Inzinger. They wanted to share their private love for mature wines that are ready to drink with their friends and friends of friends. In 2015, they founded their wine trading company trinkreif based on this idea, turning their hobby into a profession. Thus, the two men filled a major gap in demand in the German-speaking wine world and Vienna had its first premium garage wine merchant. trinkreif usually has around 25,000 bottles of carefully selected wines, most of which are ready to drink, stored in a climate-controlled wine cellar.

All together now.

All together now

6 July until 3 September 2023

Hotel Kristiania, in Lech / Arlberg



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About trinkreif

For Upper Austria natives Clemens Riedl and Markus Inzinger, wine is the world’s loveliest pastime. The pair came to realize that they wanted to share their private love for mature (‘trinkreif’) wines with friends, and friends of friends. In 2015 they brought that dream to life, opening a wine retailing operation that they dubbed trinkreif. The duo filled a significant need in the German-speaking world, and Vienna had its first premium garage wine store.

Loquaiplatz 3
1060 Wien


Clemens Riedl und Markus Inzinger
Franziska Katterbauer
Franziska Katterbauer
Project Manager

With parents who were wine traders and restauranteurs, her love for wine began at an early age. However, Franziska took a different direction after graduating from high school, studying illustration and later advertising design. Wine+Partners offered the opportunity of reuniting these two passions. She is not only involved in the agency’s graphic design but jumps in to support numerous other projects.