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trinkreif was the name chosen in 2015 by a fledgling garage wine store. It’s no wonder why: their bottles are all aged to perfection.


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A passion for mature wines was what originally brought Markus Inzinger and Clemens Riedl together. The two IT pros agreed that wine “was the loveliest pastime in the world.” They chose the name trinkreif for their wine shop with a premium garage chic, specializing in wines aged to perfection. They are looking to share the opportunity to drink mature wines at a reasonable price, putting them on the pulse of the time.

For trinkreif, Wine+Partners worked with journalists in Austria and Germany to compose stories related to the topic of mature wines, and also organized events and selected journalists for events and tasting series.


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Public Relations for trinkreif

For several years now, Wine+Partners has helped trinkreif spread its mature wine message to the wider world. From ideal storage conditions to the stunning spectrum of aromas and expanded palate of flavors in their products, we’ve helped bring access to these wines to interested parties in the German-language world.

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Marlies Auer
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Marlies discovered her love of wine and cuisine at an early age. She studied International Wine Business and worked in the Napa Valley at a marketing agency specializing in wine. The wine and beer sommelier is responsible for the Wine+Partners editorial plan, is the strategic lead of the digital team and oversees various client projects, such as the digital communication of Austria's independent private breweries.

About trinkreif

For Upper Austria natives Clemens Riedl and Markus Inzinger, wine is the world’s loveliest pastime. The pair came to realize that they wanted to share their private love for mature (‘trinkreif’) wines with friends, and friends of friends. In 2015 they brought that dream to life, opening a wine retailing operation that they dubbed trinkreif. The duo filled a significant need in the German-speaking world, and Vienna had its first premium garage wine store.

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