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Holiday revamp: mountains are the new beach

by Franziska Katterbauer

Increasingly, savvy travellers are no longer dreaming of summer holidays spent lounging all day in the heat on a beach, but are instead looking for freshness, inspiration and mental stimulation.

Two forward-looking concepts offer just that. And both are located in Lech – at an altitude of just under 1,500 metres in the middle of the Austrian Alps.


Workation, retreat, interaction, resonance...these are the new buzzwords for the holiday of the future. The Hotel Kristiania in Lech invites its guests to not only unwind but get active in summer. Guests have the opportunity to take on functions and tasks in the hotel and on the one hand reduce the room rate, and on the other hand also exchange knowledge with other guests, learn from each other, take new perspectives home with them and enhance their personal development. The pop-up project is the brainchild of Clemens Riedl, the founder of the fine wine merchant trinkreif, and it is being realised with host Gertrud Schneider. The art-savvy boutique Hotel Kristiania is offering this new form of holiday between 6 July and 3 September. 'All-together-now' wants to address "open-minded, interested and enjoyment-oriented people" or to put it another way: those who "appreciate beautiful things and like to avail themselves of the best that nature has to offer as well as man-made creativity and pursuits".

The supporting programme includes wine tastings, concerts and exhibitions. As well as art exhibitions by the Sturm & Schober Gallery in Vienna, other creative highlights include salon talks in cooperation with PARNASS art magazine. In addition, Winemakers in Residence will provide an opportunity for guests to taste and discuss wines with those who know them best.


Wine summer at Sandhof

Hotel Sandhof has a completely different but equally compelling offering. With its 'Wine Summer' offers, the hotel in the centre of Lech wants to appeal to young and wine-savvy guests who would like to go mountain biking or hiking during the day and enjoy the evenings while expanding their horizons. Host Martin Prodinger, who is himself a walking wine encyclopaedia, has invited wine experts from near and far to share their knowledge and experiences with his guests.

Blogger Toni Askitis (asktoni) will introduce the world of natural wines together with winemaker Gernot Heinrich. The bar manager of Vienna's Bar Campari will demonstrate how to mix the perfect Italian aperitivo. For Port wine enthusiasts, the youngest world champion sommelier Marc Almert will be on hand...plus many more highlights!


Eingang vom Hotel Sandhof im Sommer

Keywords for the holiday of the future


Millennials and Generation Z are increasingly looking for educational offers and to combine holidays with further education. The buzzword here is 'edutainment': education and entertainment. The entertaining and playful communication of information. And engaging speakers or events covering specific topics such as wine and art attract young audiences.


Many of us have learned, particularly as a result of the Covid pandemic, that it is possible to work remotely. So why not choose in a stunningly beautiful environment to do just that?

Nature, fresh air and the cool nights in a high mountain village make a compelling argument for those who have to work in summer but want to escape from hot, stuffy cities.


Feeling at home in an exclusive, relaxed and comfortable environment. As if you were curled up on your own sofa – only better! The aim of this concept in restaurants and hotels is to offer guests a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to make them feel welcome. It's about creating a relaxed environment where you can sit back, enjoy and linger in pleasant company.

Hotel Sandhof room


One of the hottest holiday trends is emerging from the opportunities offered by remote working. Work + vacation. Not being tied to your workplace allows you to do a full working day without giving up the benefits of a holiday. Remote work during the day and a holiday feel in the evening....

Demand for affordable long-term stay options is on the rise, revolutionising holidays, and work as we know it.

About Lech Zürs am Arlberg

Situated at an altitude of just under 1,500 metres, Lech-Zürs is considered the cradle of skiing and has made a global name for itself as a gourmet village. The density of exceptional wine cellars is also legendary.

This unusual level of culinary diversity for a village of only 1,600 inhabitants, was until recently reserved for winter. But now more and more establishments are now also opening their doors in summer to welcome visitors seeking relaxation and enjoyment. 

In addition to its natural environment and gourmet experiences, Lech has developed an impressive cultural programme over the decades. Installations such as 'Skyspace' by American artist James Turrell, which plays with light and the breathtaking mountain landscape, and the 'Garage Gallery' at Hotel Kristiania curated by the Sturm & Schober Gallery offer art lovers a varied programme. Festivals such as 'Lech Jazzbühne' and the 'Lech Classic Festival', see renowned international musicians feature in great concerts in the summer months.

Outdoor sports enthusiasts cannot help but be inspired by the mountains all around. An extensive network of hiking and mountain bike trails will certainly make your heart beat faster. And that's not all: a high-elevation course golf course nestled in the picturesque landscape, tennis courts and a forest swimming pool offer plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities for all levels.

Franziska Katterbauer
Franziska Katterbauer
Project Manager

With parents who were wine traders and restauranteurs, her love for wine began at an early age. However, Franziska took a different direction after graduating from high school, studying illustration and later advertising design. Wine+Partners offered the opportunity of reuniting these two passions. She is not only involved in the agency’s graphic design but jumps in to support numerous other projects.

About Hotel Sandhof

The Hotel Sandhof in the middle of Lech am Arlberg welcomes sports-loving guests from near and far to enjoy the beauty of the Austrian Alps in winter and summer. It is the ideal destination for those who like to explore nature and savour gourmet cuisine. In addition to classic dishes from the Vorarlberg region, the hotel serves vegan delicacies, made from the best regional and seasonal ingredients. Amidst stunning mountain scenery, guests can work off their energy during the day, and later relax and enjoy an excellent wine list at the hotel in the evening. The Prodinger family and their team always ensure that everything runs smoothly and pay personal attention to the needs of every guest.

Hotel Sandhof

Dorf 124
6764 Lech am Arlberg, Austria

Hotel Sandhof

Eingang vom Hotel Sandhof im Sommer
About trinkreif

For Upper Austria natives Clemens Riedl and Markus Inzinger, wine is the world’s loveliest pastime. The pair came to realize that they wanted to share their private love for mature (‘trinkreif’) wines with friends, and friends of friends. In 2015 they brought that dream to life, opening a wine retailing operation that they dubbed trinkreif. The duo filled a significant need in the German-speaking world, and Vienna had its first premium garage wine store.

Loquaiplatz 3
1060 Wien


Clemens Riedl und Markus Inzinger