Aux Bulles

Subscription-Only Grower Champagne


Six times per year, subscribers to the online champagne boutique run by Bérénice Schwaiger can look forward to a curated selection of grower champagne rarities.


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Bérénice Schwaiger founded the online champagne boutique Aux Bulles in an effort to improve access to the diversity and culture of grower champagnes and to share her own sparkling discoveries. Through her thematically and seasonally curated subscriptions, she offers a simple opportunity to plunge into the high-quality and low-intervention products of selected winegrowers.

A Frenchwoman in Vienna, she has made it her mission to turn her subscribers into true champagne connoisseurs; our mission has been to create equally inspired media work to spread the word about Aux Bulles throughout the German-speaking world.

Famous for one single offering

Aux Bulles delivers selected grower champagne rarities to its customers throughout Austria and Germany. We apply tailored media work and targeted placement of relevant topics to ensure that people with interests in distinctive products hear about this unique offering beyond mainstream channels.

About Aux Bulles

After moving to Vienna, Frenchwoman Bérénice Schwaiger discovered that her beloved grower champagnes were difficult to acquire outside her native country.

Shortly thereafter she founded Aux Bulles, an online champagne boutique dedicated to sharing her own discoveries and improving access to the wide and varied culture of grower champagnes.

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Aux Bulles