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VieVinum 2024

by Catherine Walbridge
VieVinum 2024

When it comes to insider tips to make the most of VieVinum 2024 (May 25 to May 27), look no further...Wine+Partners has been helping forge connections at Austria's largest wine fair for 25 years.

Blaufrankisch is a pure expression of terroir

United Nations of Kékfrankos / Blaufränkisch / Frankovka / Modra Frankinja /Lemberger

Kékfrankos, a.k.a. Blaufränkisch / Frankovka / Modra Frankinja / Lemberger, is a central European grape variety with many names – and a myriad of expressions. More than ninety wineries from Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czechia and southern Germany will unite at VieVinum to present a dazzling array of wines crafted from this beloved black-skinned grape.

Stefan and Verena Langmann

Langmann winery, West Styria

How cool is that! The Blauer Wildbacher grape variety is at home in the steep, high-altitude vineyards of Western Styria. The Schilcher wines made from it are generally regarded as impetuous and they are developing in exciting ways. Experienced winegrower Stefan Langmann and his daughter specialise in bringing out the charming side of this indigenous grape variety. Schilcher wines from his single vineyard sites are particularly impressive with their independent style of origin.

Carnuntum masterclass matured

Carnuntum masterclass: 2015 & 2019 matured

For a wine to have good ageing potential, it needs the perfect balance of acid, sugar and structure. The cool climate of Carnuntum, the only red wine region in Lower Austria, means that grapes take longer to ripen and spend more time on the vine. By the time the grapes are ready to pick, these elements are in perfect harmony. Discover the ageing potential of two magnificent vintages, nearly ten and four years after harvest respectively, at this masterclass. Clemens Riedl from wine merchant trinkreif, will join with Carnuntum winegrowers to take participants on a journey through through the maturation of 18 exceptional wines.

Date: Saturday, 25 May 2024, 12:45 – 14:00 

Location: VieVinum, Künstlerzimmer in the Hofburg VIENNA

Registration by email and a valid ticket for VieVinum are required.

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Matthias Lobner & Dr. Gerald Wunderer

Doktor Wunderer winery, Weinviertel

In the coolest corner of the western Weinviertel, Doktor Wunderer takes advantage of the changing climate to develop wines that are characterised by the freshness and mineral tautness for which Austria is justly famous. Focusing on Grüner Veltliner, Dr. Gerald Wunderer, a GP and specialist in psychiatry, vinifies particularly light-footed, fresh and aromatic wines. At VieVinum, he will present his Grüner Veltliner from the village of Straning: the self-confident Animus meets the charming Anima, the compact Straning captivates with its beguiling aroma and the irresistible Ried Steinperz flexes its muscles with plenty of mellowness, density and precision. An added bonus...the Pride cuvée is a feast for the eyes and brings a seductive vibrancy to the glass.

Members of the ÖTW

ÖTW press conference

A unique opportunity to learn more about the future direction and ambitions of the premier group of Austrian wineries, Österreichische Traditionsweingüter (Traditional Wine Estates of Austria). The 77-member group is committed to the highest quality wines with clear origin. Hear from the new managing director of the ÖTW and gain further insights into the association's strategy and goals following the integration of vineyard classification into Austrian wine law.

Date: Monday 27 May, 13:45 – 15:00

Location: Schatzkammer hall at the Hofburg VIENNA

The press conference is in English. Registration by email is required.

The picturesque Nahe in Germany.

Gut Hermannsberg, Nahe

Gut Hermannsberg has no fewer than seven VDP.GROSSE.LAGEN. These top single vineyard sites are special in their own right. But Gut Hermannsberg takes its exceptional wines to the next level by also allowing them the luxury of time. Its top wines mature for five years in its cellar in the Nahe before being released to the market. And this uncompromising attitude to quality is evident across all the Gut Hermannsberg ranges – a truly impressive collection.

Rubin Carnuntum winemakers

Rubin Carnuntum wineries, Carnuntum

The 18 winegrowers from this dynamic eastern region show what Carnuntum is capable of achieving:

  • Weingut Michael Auer

  • Weingut Artner

  • Weingut Böheim

  • Weingut Glatzer

  • Weingut Gottschuly-Grassl

  • Weingut Nepomukhof

  • Weingut Philipp Grassl

  • Weingut Gerhard Markowitsch

  • Weingut Lukas Markowitsch

  • Weingut Dorli Muhr

  • Weingut Franz und Christine Netzl

  • Weingut Martin Netzl

  • Weingut Oppelmayer

  • Weingut Robert Payr

  • Weingut Gerhard Pimpel

  • Weingut Pitnauer

  • Weingut Riedmüller

  • Weingut Taferner

Eisenberg winegrowing region, Austria

Eisenberg DAC

Eisenberg is one of Austria's most remarkable terroirs. Thanks to its location, microclimate and slate-iron soils, the Eisenberg DAC has a truly unique position. And yet every location and every vineyard has its own specialities. The results? Wines that shine as true archetypes of their terroir with their light-footed elegance, liveliness, mineral freshness and fruity flavour.

The dedicated winegrowers of Eisenberg DAC brilliantly balance tradition with a future-focused vision. Don't miss the opportunity at VieVinum of joining their liquid journey through idyllic southern Burgenland.

Ring in the VieVinum weekend in style at the Big Bottle Party hosted by Eisenberg DAC on Friday 24 May, from 6 pm onwards at Utopia (Theresianumgasse 16-18, 1040 Vienna).

Paul Achs in his vineyard

Paul Achs winery, Burgenland

Top winegrower Paul Achs from Gols is known for wines that are characterised by their firmness and minerality. This is thanks to the special terroir and microclimate of northern Burgenland, which are heavily influenced by Lake Neusiedl. Paul Achs could be described as Austria’s insider red wine star, as his predominantly single-varietal, single-vineyard wines are internationally recognised for their complexity and longevity. At VieVinum, he will present the Burgundy varieties Chardonnay 2022, Chardonnay Alte Reben 2022 and Pinot Noir Reserve Selektion P 2022 as well as his Zweigelt Alte Reben 2022 and Blaufränkisch Ungerberg 2021.

CulturBrauer Lounge

CulturBrauer Lounge

Refresh your palate after a day of concentrated wine tasting with a frosty glass from one of Austria's best breweries. The cosy CulturBrauer Lounge, located right in front of the Hofburg, offers a choice of eight different Austrian beers on tap, sourced from regions around Austria and crafted from the best ingredients. The ideal spot to catch up in-person with some of the best brewers, have a business discussion in a relaxed atmosphere or enjoy some me-time with something cold.

Opening hours: daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on all three days of the fair

Location: directly in front of the Hofburg Vienna

Exclusively for exhibitors and trade fair visitors.