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Simonit&Sirch is a vine pruning consultancy and training business founded by Marco Simonit and Pierpaolo Sirch about 30 years ago. It pioneered the "gentle pruning" method, which is now used by top wineries around the world, and has trained over 15,000 specialist vineyard staff.


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This Italy-headquartered consultancy pioneered the so-called "gentle pruning" method, a system that inflicts less major injury on vines while guaranteeing the build-up of important and vital wood mass. The result is healthier grapevines that live for longer. No surprises that Simonit&Sirch is now called upon by some of the world's most prestigious wineries including Château d'Yquem and Ferrari.

The Simonit&Sirch pruning revolution has gone global and it's not just the vines and winemakers who are benefiting but also the next generation. The company has trained more than 15,000 specialised vineyard staff from Austria to Australia, opened its own vine pruning school in 2009 and operates the world's first dedicated online training platform, the Simonit&Sirch Academy.


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Wine+Partners started working with the master pruning company in April 2023. We appreciate that the best wines start with good pruning in the vineyard. We are delighted to help spread the word about the Simonit&Sirch method and their successes around the world.

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Dorli, a university-trained translator, founded Wine+Partners in 1991 while still a student. With tremendous passion and tenacity, she has helmed the firm for more than 30 years, transforming it from a one-woman show into an internationally renowned agency.

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About Simonit&Sirch

Great wine starts with great pruning. And Simonit&Sirch is the firm that top wineries have on their speed-dial to ensure the health and longevity of their grapevines. Co-founder Marco Simonit discovered the technique now known as "gentle pruning" as a young viticultural agronomist 30 years ago. Now his business of master pruners has more than 150 winemaking clients around the world and its own pruning academy in Friuli, Italy.

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