Unabhängige Privatbrauereien Österreichs

Independent and Strong


The “Association of Independent Private Austrian Brewers” currently has 38 members, united under a seal of origin that will soon grace their beer bottles and cans, distinguishing them from international brewing conglomerates.


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6 in 10 beers drunk in Austria were produced by large international corporations. It’s high time, the österreichische Privatbrauereien feel, to plant a flag. A seal of origin is intended to highlight the people behind the beer. 38 breweries are currently members in the group, ensuring greater overall visibility for their seal on the consumer market.

Wine&Partners helped bring this initiative to life, provides strategic counseling for the group, and is also responsible for all ongoing organization and communication for the Verein der Unabhängigen Privatbrauereien Österreichs.


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"We want to plant a flag for our beer. We want to strengthen Austria’s private brewers, who have resisted takeover by large corporations."

Ewald Pöschko, Chairman of the Verein der Unabhängigen Privatbrauereien Österreichs
Ute Watzlawick von Wine+Partners
Ute Watzlawick
Owner & Senior Project Manager

After earning a degree in public relations, Ute first worked as a journalist before coming to Wine&Partners in 2000 to assume responsibility for planning and execution of projects. Ute is currently responsible for Penfolds, WienWein, Kellerei Tramin, CulturBrauer, Gault&Millau and Mayer am Pfarrplatz.

About Unabhängigen Privatbrauereien Österreichs

The colorful landscape of regional private brewers retains only roughly one-third of the market share in Austria. It’s high time, the österreichische Privatbrauereien, feel to plant a flag. This mission led 10 private brewers (Ottakringer, Stiegl, Murauer Freistädter, Hirt, Mohren, Schloss Eggenberg, Trumer, Schremser, Zwettler) to form an association in 2021 to promote a seal of origin that will appear on all bottles and cans going forward to distinguish them from international brewing conglomerates. Membership has since grown to 38 private brewers.

Unabhängige Privatbrauereien Österreichs
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Unabhängige Privatbrauereien Österreichs