Tenuta Monteti

Picture-perfect Tuscan winery

Paolo Baratta, Gemma Bracco, Eva Baratta, Javier Pedrazzini


Monteti is located in the wild and romantic Maremma region in Tuscany, where its vineyards benefit from their proximity to the sea, hilly landscapes and pine groves. For 25 years, the winery, now being run by the second generation, has focused on three unique wine styles.


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It’s a story and a location worthy of a film! A quarter of a century ago, in 1998, the story of Tenuta Monteti began near the medieval town of Capalbio. Paolo Baratta and his wife Gemma Bracco fell in love with this enchanting part of lower Maremma in southern Tuscany. They immediately realised this small valley, just 15 km from the sea, was the perfect place to make their long-held dream of founding a premium winery come true.

A jewel of Tuscany

Creating a new winery with just grazing land and a dilapidated house posed a big challenge. What’s more, the area’s potential for high quality winegrowing was still being explored. Believing that the soil and climate called for international grape varieties to best express the sense of place, they planted their first 27 hectares of vineyards between 2001 and 2004. While preparing the soil, Gemma and Paolo came across huge calcarenite boulders estimated to be up to 60 million years old. These were carefully extracted from the ground and placed around the estate, where they stand today as “guardians” of Tenuta Monteti and are illustrated on the labels as their emblem.

Gemma and Paolo have paid great attention to detail in creating their winery, which merges seamlessly with its environment. The 3,000m2 winery and cellar literally blends into the landscape as two-thirds of it is located underground. It was designed to use gravity throughout the winemaking process, from grape selection to bottling, while also providing natural air conditioning. The surrounding garden, the work of Gemma’s green thumbs, is awash with native plant species and has an enchanting collection of roses.

The winery vinifies three Indicazione Geografica Tipica (IGT) Tuscan wines: two reds and a Rosé that each represent a different part of the varied landscape. Monteti embodies the forests and huge rocks, Caburnio the Mediterranean vegetation and TM Rosé, the light and gentle sea breezes. The estate takes its name from the Monteti hill that protects the vineyards, which lie at an average altitude of 145 metres above sea level. The vineyard soils consist of clay and have a complex, rocky structure that ensures good drainage and preserves freshness and moisture in the roots of the vines.

Gemma and Paolo’s daughter, Eva Baratta, and her husband Javier Pedrazzini have run the winery together since 2010 with the utmost respect for nature and the environment. A winery visit is the perfect way to discover this unspoiled region in southwestern Tuscany. Eva and Javier are setting up a conceptual guesthouse for wine enthusiasts to enjoy a luxury break onsite. Wine workshops such as ‘Make your own blend’ are planned. The grand Tuscan villa is located at the foot of the Monteti hill, surrounded by olive trees and vines. It has six bedrooms, each with its own ensuite bathroom, as well as a large pool. The 12-kilometre sandy beach of Capalbio, protected by dunes, is just a 10-minute drive from the estate. It is little wonder that those in the know, from famous film makers to Italy’s political elite, like to escape to this picturesque and private corner of Tuscany. 

Pioneer of sustainability

The winery entered the ‘V.I.V.A.’ programme run by the Italy’s Ministry for the Environment in 2016 and obtained its certification for sustainable agriculture after a year of collecting data on its water and carbon footprint. The winery is audited every two years and the programme provides guidelines for continuous improvement to reduce the calculated footprints. This philosophy of combining quality with environmental sustainability and social responsibility values has been embedded in Tenuta Monteti’s DNA from day one. Consumers can view the sustainability parameters of the winery on the V.I.V.A website.


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About Tenuta Monteti

The story of Tenuta Monteti began in 1998 when, after years of searching, Gemma and Paolo Baratta finally found this corner of Tuscany in southern Maremma, where they could reprise a youthful dream. In this small valley, 15 km from the sea and 145 m above sea level, the vineyards are protected by the Monteti hill, from which the property takes its name. Three regional IGT wines are crafted there from 30 hectares of vineyards: two reds called Monteti and Caburnio as well as the Rosé TM. Each wine describes a piece of landscape: Monteti embodies the forests and huge rocks, Caburnio the Mediterranean vegetation and the Rosé stands for light and gentle sea breezes. Since 2017, they have also received the award and certification for sustainability from the V.I.V.A. Environmental Ministry.

Tenuta Monteti
Strada della Sgrilla 6
58011 Capalbio (GR), Italy

Tenuta Monteti

Paolo Baratta, Gemma Bracco, Eva Baratta, Javier Pedrazzini