French elegance meets German fruit

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The sparkling wine producer VAUX combines French elegance with German fruit. VAUX sparkling wines are inclusive, future-oriented and transcend national borders.


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VAUX is a sparkling wine house that has been producing sparkling wines using the traditional bottle fermentation method since 1868. Originally founded as a trading house in Berlin, the company set up a sparkling wine cellar at Château de VAUX near Metz. After the First World War, the region reverted to France and the sparkling wine manufacture moved to Eltville in the Rheingau, where it has since developed into one of the most important sparkling wine producers. It is no surprise given its history that VAUX sees itself as a European estate, with its sparkling wines perfectly marrying French elegance with German fruit. 


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Dorli Muhr
Owner & Managing Director

Dorli, a university-trained translator, founded Wine+Partners in 1991 while still a student. With tremendous passion and tenacity, she has helmed the firm for more than 30 years, transforming it from a one-woman show into an internationally renowned agency.

About VAUX

The sparkling wine house VAUX, founded in 1868, combines French elegance with German fruit. Originally based in Berlin, the company relocated from Chateau de VAUX to Eltville in the Rheingau after the First World War and developed into a renowned sparkling wine manufacture. VAUX stands for a harmonious combination of European traditions in sparkling wine production.

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Team der Sektmanufaktur VAUX