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Nouvaux: less is more

by Dorli Muhr
Nouvaux low alcohol sparkling wine

Sparkling with flavour rather than alcohol!

Sparkling wine producer VAUX in Germany’s premium Rheingau region has crafted numerous varieties of fine sparkling enjoyment for more than 150 years. But its most recent, and impressive, launch is Nouvaux – a sparkling beverage that is not labelled "sparkling wine" due to its low alcohol content (2%) yet has all the beloved attributes of bubbly. Like all Vaux sparkling wines, the base wine was produced using traditional bottle fermentation, giving the low-alcohol drink its fine, precise perlage, delicate creaminess and fragrant character.


Not so easy

Producing sparkling wine using the traditional bottle fermentation method is an art in itself. Achieving the popular, elegant sparkle with low alcohol is an even greater challenge. Making the result taste really good is an almost impossible task. Many low-alcohol products are helped by sweetness. But a high degree of sweetness does not suit the style of Vaux, whose charming French roots are always skillfully married with an impressive German fruit precision. The sparkling wine experts at VAUX, led by Christoph Graf, worked and experimented for several years until they were finally satisfied with the result.

Nouvaux low alcohol sparkling wine
Nouvaux low alcohol sparkling wine ©Vaux

Handcrafted by experts

The base wine for Nouvaux was made from aromatic white wine grapes and carefully de-alcoholised using vacuum distillation. After the second fermentation using the traditional Champagne method, Nouvaux spends six months developing on the fine lees. Disgorgement then takes place and the sparkling beverage is bottled with the liqueur d’expedition. The result is incredibly light with only two percent alcohol. With residual sugar of 17g/l, Vaux corresponds to the Brut category and with acidity of just 5.3 g/l, it is very palatable.

Just in time

Since its pilot production in the 2021 vintage, Vaux has now gained a third year of experience and expertise. "Sparkling wines and low-alcohol products have been the big winners on the international markets in recent months," confirms Christoph Graf. With Nouvaux, the sparkling wine company has combined two booming categories in one product – and equipped it with the excellence of more than 150 years of experience in traditional bottle fermentation. Perfect timing.

About VAUX

The sparkling wine house VAUX, founded in 1868, combines French elegance with German fruit. Originally based in Berlin, the company relocated from Chateau de VAUX to Eltville in the Rheingau after the First World War and developed into a renowned sparkling wine manufacture. VAUX stands for a harmonious combination of European traditions in sparkling wine production.

Sektmanufaktur Schloss VAUX AG
Kiedricher Strasse 18a
65343 Eltville


Team der Sektmanufaktur VAUX
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