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Filling big shoes

by Anna Ulrich

Passing the baton to the next generation is always a challenge. And in successful wineries with an international focus, the shoes can be particularly big to fill. However, two young female winemakers from Carnuntum have mastered their first steps on the wine stage, and, together with their fellow winemakers, are ushering in a new era in the Austrian red wine region on the Danube.

Christina Artner-Netzl

Christina Artner-Netzl

It all began with wild love or Wilde Liebe in German...When Christina Artner-Netzl joined her parents' winery in 2007, she had no plans to start her own wine line. But curious to try something new and searching for alternatives to conventional winemaking methods, Wilde Liebe was born in 2015. A white wine made from fermented mash marked the beginning of the Christina wine line. An American importer who quickly became enthused about the wine, developed the label and the name of the line along with her husband. One hundred percent of the five Christina wines are now exported, to Canada, Japan, Australia, Korea and Scandinavia in addition to the USA.

Christina Artner-Netzl has been responsible for the production of all of Netzl's wines for several years and she has also changed quite a few things at the winery itself. They have been working organically since 2013, and, encouraged by wine merchants, they are certified organic with their 2021 vintage. There is less sulphite in the wines but they still represent the famous Netzl style. The origin of wines from Carnuntum is also playing an increasingly large role for the winemaker.

Hanna Glatzer mit einem Postkarten-Wein

"The dynamism of the fathers is now passing through to the new generation, to us. We all work together, are friends and love making wines together that stand for our region."

Hanna Glatzer
Walter und Hanna Glatzer

Hanna Glatzer

The youngest of the female winemakers studies at Geisenheim..."rather on the side", as the 22-year-old reveals with a wink. She is already firmly involved in her parents' business. Last spring, she launched her own line of wines. The impetus for this came from her father Walter, who always motivated her to try new things and go her own way. At the tender age of 18, she would not have dared to do her own thing alone in daddy's big wine cellar. But her family quickly realised that the young winemaker's new project had great potential.

With an innovative and award-winning stamp design as a label, five wines found their way from Carnuntum to the world, as a postcard so to speak. That's because now more than 50% of Hanna Glatzer's wines are exported to the USA.

Women to the fore in Carnuntum

All in all, this new generation in Carnuntum is becoming known above all for one thing: being female! Soon there will be nine notable wineries run by women. This means that almost 60% of all wine bottles from Carnuntum will come from female hands in the future. Will the style of wine change as a result? That remains up for discussion. What will change, however, is the image of the winemaker, or rather, the female winemaker! What was the exception a few years ago will soon be a matter of course in Carnuntum: internationally successful wineries run by women.


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The Rubin Carnuntum Weingüter represent 37 winegrowers from Austria's Carnuntum winegrowing region. The group, originally founded in 1986, spent the following decades laboriously profiling the remarkable geological and climatic elements of their region. Those efforts crystallized in 2019 into an official Carnuntum DAC. One year earlier, in 2018, twenty members of the Rubin Carnuntum Weingüter joined the Österreichische Traditionsweingütern (ÖTW) as a group.

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Rubin Carnuntum Weingüter

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