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Gut Hermannsberg Winzer


The Riesling personalities at Gut Hermannsberg are shaped by unique brilliance and extraordinary minerality.


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The storied estate is located directly on Germany’s Nahe river, and was originally founded in 1902 as a state-run Prussian winegrowing domaine. Today every one of its sites are classified as world-class “VDP.GROSSE.LAGEN”. Gut Hermannsberg counts among Germany's absolute elite Riesling estates with wines of unique brilliance shaped by extraordinary minerality.

Wine+Partners is proud to have supported the estate with tailored activities since new management took over in 2009.


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What’s behind this estate?

The former Royal Prussian Winegrowing Domaine boasts a fascinating history. Much of the reason why lies aging deep in the cool cellar of Gut Hermannsberg. The wines contained within offer impressive testament to the tremendous maturation potential of the middle Nahe.

Karsten Peter

Extraordinary vineyards require more time to show their true grandness.

Karsten Peter, Cellar Master at Gut Hermannsberg
Bettina Bäck von Wine+Partners
Bettina Bäck
Senior Project Manager

Bettina has been with Wine+Partners since 2002, with countless projects domestic and international under her belt. She currently manages sommelier world champion Marc Almert, the culinary think tank Koch.Campus, the Styrian wineries Weingut Muster.Gamlitz, Weingut Langmann and the STK wineries, the culinary concept store Kärntnerei and the Kozlović wine estate in Istria.

About Gut Hermannsberg

The original “Royal Prussian Winegrowing Domaine” was founded in 1902 as a state-run model winery for Riesling. It is notable for its picturesque location above the Nahe River (90 minutes southwest of Frankfurt am Main). Every one of the storied estate’s 30 hectares of vineyard has been classified by the VDP as a GROSSE.LAGE.

Gut Hermannsberg
Vormals Königlich-Preussische Weinbaudomäne
55585 Niederhausen

Gut Hermannsberg

Gut Hermannsberg Winzer