Rubin Carnuntum Weingüter

A success story


One of the most fascinating regions in Austria is well on its journey from insider's tip to red wine superstar.


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The Carnuntum growing region, located between Vienna and Bratislava, is historical soil. Where ancient Romans once camped is today home to grapes benefiting from a wide range of geological peculiarities. A highly motivated generation of winemakers has awakened this sleeping beauty of a region, transporting the potential and unique characteristics of its fascinating single site rieds into the bottle.

Wine+Partners has been accompanying Carnuntum along this journey for more than 17 years now, supporting the region in its path to the elite of Austria’s red wine world.


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A common thread for over 17 years

Blogger and press trips, press conferences, press kits, press junkets held in person or digitally—for more than 17 years, we’ve used a wide variety of formats to inform the German and international press about the latest trends, developments, and news from Carnuntum.

More about Carnuntum

A success story

years of successful collaboration
press releases to Austria and the world
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Experience Carnuntum

Whether it's the Carnuntum Experience, the traditional Rubin Carnuntum public tasting in Vienna, tasting tours through Austria and Switzerland, press trips to the region or online masterclasses—Wine+Partners has planned and conducted a wide range of events, with the format always customized to match the needs of the target audience.

Bettina Bäck von Wine+Partners
Bettina Bäck
Senior Project Manager

Bettina has been with Wine+Partners since 2002, with countless projects domestic and international under her belt. She currently manages sommelier world champion Marc Almert, the culinary think tank Koch.Campus, the Styrian wineries Weingut Muster.Gamlitz, Weingut Langmann and the STK wineries, the culinary concept store Kärntnerei and the Kozlović wine estate in Istria.

About Rubin Carnuntum Weingüter

The Rubin Carnuntum Weingüter represent 37 winegrowers from Austria's Carnuntum winegrowing region. The group, originally founded in 1986, spent the following decades laboriously profiling the remarkable geological and climatic elements of their region. Those efforts crystallized in 2019 into an official Carnuntum DAC. One year earlier, in 2018, twenty members of the Rubin Carnuntum Weingüter joined the Österreichische Traditionsweingütern (ÖTW) as a group.

Rubin Carnuntum Weingüter
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Rubin Carnuntum Weingüter