Wine estate in the Garden of Eden


There are many reasons to visit the Kozlović estate: as a starting point to an Istrian culinary weekend, on the way back from a summer holiday, simply to enjoy a glass of Istrian wine, or perhaps to buy a few bottles for home while catching the last warm rays of sun in late autumn.


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Almost no one captures the picture-book perfection and authenticity of Istria better than the winegrowing estate of the Kozlović family in picturesque Vale. Located just behind the Slovenia/Croatia border, not far from the Adriatic coast, the estate and its fascinating architecture hug the mountainside and blend in harmoniously with the surrounding landscapes. Across the valley sits the picturesque hillside village of Momjan. Just past that stands an impressive set of cliffs that house the legendary ruins of the fortress by that same name. The Kozlović family of winegrowers has worked this stretch of earth for generations. And they love welcoming guests from near and far to discover the incredible joys of Istria.


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Bettina Bäck von Wine+Partners
Bettina Bäck
Senior Project Manager

Bettina has been with Wine+Partners since 2002, with countless projects domestic and international under her belt. She currently manages sommelier world champion Marc Almert, the culinary think tank Koch.Campus, the Styrian wineries Weingut Muster.Gamlitz, Weingut Langmann and the STK wineries, the culinary concept store Kärntnerei and the Kozlović wine estate in Istria.

About Kozlović

The members of the Kozlović family love this place. They see themselves as proud representatives of the region, one of fascinating geographical and historical relevance, incredibly rich in natural, cultural, and culinary treasures. Antonella and Gianfranco have never seen their estate as an isolated entity. In their minds, it is much more a joyous portal to the colorful plenty of Istria. After all, anyone hoping to explore the hills around Momjan will discover that there are no tourist offices or even a well-developed internet presence. You simply have to know who to ask. And there’s no better choice than Antonella Kozlović.

Kozlović Winery

Vale Momjan 78

52460, Buje