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Stefan Langmann und seine Tochter Verena Langmann


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The Langmann family has been tending vineyards in western Styria since 1746, the Blaue Wildbacher vines—from which Schilcher, a regional wine specialty is produced—have been on hand since the start and now form the heart of the estate. Knowledge about this special variety is passed from generation to generation, and today is bearing fruit in the form of extreme quality under the leadership of Stefan Langmann.


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Public Relations for Weingut Langmann

Weingut Langmann rang in the Schilcher renaissance. Using face-to-face meetings and tastings with journalists, we present the rapid success story of Schilcher from Weingut Langmann.

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Bettina Bäck von Wine+Partners
Bettina Bäck
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Bettina has been with Wine+Partners since 2002, with countless projects domestic and international under her belt. She currently manages sommelier world champion Marc Almert, the culinary think tank Koch.Campus, the Styrian wineries Weingut Muster.Gamlitz, Weingut Langmann and the STK wineries, the culinary concept store Kärntnerei and the Kozlović wine estate in Istria.

About Weingut Langmann

Renaissance in rose: Schilcher, which is vinified in western Styria from the native grape variety Blauer Wildbacher and widely considered a wild child of the wine world, is currently enjoying a tremendous boom. Winegrower Stefan Langmann is a specialist at drawing the very finest from this variety. His single-site Schilcher in particular have proven remarkable transporters of the unique regional style.

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Weingut Langmann

Stefan Langmann und seine Tochter Verena Langmann