The Task Force for Good Taste


Leading chefs and Austrian agricultural producers gather to research and develop regional products and ingredients.


  • Strategy+Consulting
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  • Event Management

Koch.Campus is an interest group of leading chefs and Austrian agricultural producers. The association aims to exchange knowledge and experiences, apply joint research and develop regional produce to provide a contemporary interpretation of Austrian cuisine.


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Malgosia Minta, Food Journalistin & Influencer

"This is definitely one of the most special and valuable projects around, not just bringing the community of food people together but allowing free flow of knowledge and experience.“

Malgosia Minta, Food Journalist & Influencer, Poland

Members (Updated: June 2022)

  1. Brodnjak Robert – Krautwerk (NÖ)

  2. Buchberger Robert – Fleischerei Buchberger (Stmk)

  3. Buttenhauser Klaus – Tisch-Gesellschaft (W)

  4. Cis Andre – Panoramahotel Cis (T)

  5. Csencsits Jürgen – Gasthaus Csencsits (Bgld)

  6. Daberer Marianne & Christian – Biohotel Daberer (Ktn)

  7. Döllerer Andreas – Döllerer Genusswelten (S)

  8. Dorfer Thomas – Landhaus Bacher (NÖ)

  9. Fink Hans Peter – Gasthaus Haberl-Fink Delikatessen (Stmk)

  10. Flammer Dominik – Public History (CH)

  11. Floh Josef – Gastwirtschaft Floh (NÖ)

  12. Fuchs Gerhard – Die Weinbank (Stmk)

  13. Gesellmann Albert – Weingut Gesellmann (Bgld)

  14. Göttfried Christian – Göttfrieds (OÖ)

  15. Grabmer Clemens – Restaurant Waldschänke (OÖ)

  16. Grabner Manuel – Restaurant Holzpoldl (OÖ)

  17. Granegger Kevin & Fritz Nindler – Mountain Resort Feuerberg (Ktn)

  18. Gugumuck Andreas – Wiener Schneckenmanufaktur (W)

  19. Hackl Norbert – Biohof Labonca (Stmk)

  20. Heinrich Gernot – Weingut Gernot Heinrich (Bgld)

  21. Höllerschmid Manfred – Fleischwaren Höllerschmid (NÖ)

  22. Ivic Paul – Tian (W)

  23. Jans Renate & Philipp – Figerhof (T)

  24. Kajtna Bernd – Arche Noah (NÖ)

  25. Kienbauer Lukas – Lukas‘ Restaurant (OÖ)

  26. Kolm Michael – Bärenhof Kolm (NÖ)

  27. Lastin Stefan – Frierss Feines Haus (Ktn)

  28. Leitgeb Armin – Le Treize (T)

  29. Leth Franz – Weingut Leth (NÖ)

  30. Machreich, Uwe - Triad (NÖ)

  31. Moosbrugger Emanuel – Biohotel Schwanen (Vbg)

  32. Muhr Dorli – Weingut Dorli Muhr (NÖ)

  33. Mühlmann Josef – Gannerhof (T)

  34. Müller Hannes – Genießerhotel Die Forelle (Ktn)

  35. Nagl Lukas – Restaurant Bootshaus im Seehotel Das Traunsee (OÖ)

  36. Nuart Eva – Nuart Schafmilch Spezialitäten (Ktn)

  37. Ott Bernhard – Weingut Bernhard Ott (NÖ)

  38. Parth Benjamin – Hotel Yscla (T)

  39. Pichler, Lucas - Weingut F.X. Pichler (NÖ)

  40. Ploder Manuel – Weingut Ploder Rosenberg (Stmk)

  41. Pohorec Reinhard – Pohorec Sensory Experience (W)

  42. Probost Thorsten – Biohotel Schwanen (Vbg)

  43. Rachinger Philipp – Mühltalhof (OÖ)

  44. Rachinger Helmut – Fernruf 7 (OÖ)

  45. Rauch Richard – Geschwister Rauch (Stmk)

  46. Redolfi Werner – Küchensysteme Redolfi (W)

  47. Reisetbauer Hans – Reisetbauer Qualitätsbrand (OÖ)

  48. Reitbauer Heinz – Steirereck (W)

  49. Ressi Manuel – Bärenwirt (Ktn)

  50. Riezler Jeremias – Biohotel Walserstuba (Vbg)

  51. Rützler Hanni – Future Food Studio (W)

  52. Schenk Wolfgang – Steuerberatung (W)

  53. Schöpf Tobias – Restaurant Fuxbau (Vbg)

  54. Senn Andreas – Senn’s Restaurant (S)

  55. Spindler Josef – Ölmühle Fandler (Stmk)

  56. Steffner Josef – Mesnerhaus (S)

  57. Stekovics Priska & Erich – Stekovics (Bgld)

  58. Vetter Simon – Vetterhof (Vbg)

  59. Vigne Jürgen – Restaurant Pfefferschiff (S)

  60. Walch Josef – Rote Wand (Vbg)

  61. Wallner Hubert – See Restaurant Saag (Ktn)

  62. Weissgerber, Alain - Taubenkobel (Bgld)

  63. Wilhelm Michael – Alpinmanufaktur (T)

  64. Winkler Vitus – Genießer- und Verwöhnhotel Sonnhof (S)

  65. Zehentner Matthias – Tauernlamm (S)

Strategy + consulting for Koch.Campus

Wine+Partners is a committed partner to Koch.Campus, helping Austrian cuisine and domestic food products rise to new acclaim on the international stage, as well as planning the content of the Koch.Campus sessions.

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Published reports

Public Relations for Koch.Campus

Hands on! Selected international trade journalists, bloggers, and influencers are invited to workshops, expert lectures and extensive tastings to explore answers to pressing culinary questions. The workshops and findings then flow into what are routinely fascinating articles.

Event Management for Koch.Campus

Organization of four workshops annually on pressing culinary questions.

Bettina Bäck von Wine+Partners
Bettina Bäck
Senior Project Manager

Bettina has been with Wine&Partners since 2002, with countless projects domestic and international under her belt. She currently manages sommelier world champion Marc Almert, the culinary think tank Koch.Campus, the Styrian wineries Weingut Muster.Gamlitz, Weingut Langmann and the STK wineries, the culinary concept store Kärntnerei and the Kozlović wine estate in Istria.

About Koch.Campus

The Koch.Campus association brings together more than 30 world-class chefs and roughly the same number of pioneering agricultural and commercial producers, hoteliers and food experts from around Austria. This task force for good taste, currently boasting 58 members, is led by Hans Reisetbauer and Andreas Döllerer. The association promotes greater exchange of knowledge and experience between chefs and producers and joint exploration and development of regional primary products. Secondary goals include encouraging contemporary interpretations of Austrian cuisine and better positioning of domestic Austrian primary products to compete on international markets. Through expert workshops, tastings, lectures, excursions and discussions, members of Koch.Campus enter into dialogue with domestic primary product producers and evaluate their quality potential based on various types and breeds, cultivation and captivity models, age and maturation levels and preparation methods.

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