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The Carnuntum Academy opens for all wine lovers

by Bettina Bäck
Lernen von den Winzern aus Carnuntum 2023

The Carnuntum Academy is expanding its reach in 2023 to cater for all wine lovers, professionals and enthusiasts alike! The Academy was founded to educate and inform trade about the wine region in the east of Austria. Numerous seminars have already been held for journalists and wine professionals from all over the world – now everyone has a chance to find out what makes this predominantly red wine region so special.  

The debut event of this series will be a hike with Martin Netzl.  

Forest and vineyard hike with Martin Netzl   

Off into nature! Göttlesbrunn-based Martin Netzl is not only a successful winemaker, but also a passionate forester. He knows every vine and tree in his ecological multiverse. On May 26, participants have the unique opportunity to hike with the nature-loving winemaker through idyllic vineyards and native forests and learn all about the local fauna, the diversity of deciduous trees and different grape varieties. Cross paths with local animals and insects along the way. A wonderful afternoon for the whole family to enjoy, followed by a wine and grape juice tasting at the winery.  

Fun fact: some of the wines were aged in oak barrels – the same oak that is to be found in our forests! Exciting question: how does oak from Carnuntum taste?  

Carnuntum Academy at Winery Martin Netzl 

When: Friday, May 26th, 2023, 17:00 (duration: approximately 2h 30”) 

Meeting point: Martin Netzl Winery, Rosenbergstraße 1, am Dorfplatz, 2464 Göttlesbrunn 

Sturdy footwear recommended 

Registration: online at [email protected] or 0676 9513 160 

Participation fee: € 20- for adults.  

Die nächste Veranstaltung der Carnuntum Academy findet am Weingut Lukas Markowitsch ebenfalls in Göttlesbrunn statt: eine Riedensafari. 

Vineyard safari with Lukas Markowitsch 

On this tour, participants will drive by car to three vineyard sites: Rosenberg, Schüttenberg and Haidacker. Winemaker Lukas Markowitsch will explain the differences in soil and terroir of the vineyards, which have been declared Erste Lage (Premier Cru) by the Traditional Wine Estates of Austria. At each of the locations, the visit will be accompanied by site-specific wines for tasting and discussion. 

Carnuntum Academy at Winery Lukas Markowitsch 

When: Friday, June 16th, 2023, 14:00 

Where: Winery Lukas Markovitsch

Participation is free of charge. Online registration required: [email protected] 

Eisenberg & Spitzerberg comparative tasting 

On the same day – Friday, 16th of June – a comparative tasting of Eisenberg & Spitzerberg will be hosted at Dorli Muhr Winery in Prellenkirchen. Lukas Brandstätter, cellarmaster at the winery and a native ‘Eisenberger’, will bring the most exciting wines from his home region for tasting and debating. Meanwhile owner Dorli Muhr will serve wines from her own vineyards as well as those of her colleagues Robert Payr, Horst Pelzmann and Johannes Trapl.  

The event will take place twice: 

Carnuntum Academy at Winery Dorli Muhr I 

When: Friday, June 16th, 2023 

Participation fee is € 95- and can be booked online at: www.dorlimuhr.at/events 

Carnuntum Academy at Winery Dorli Muhr II 

When: Saturday, July 22nd, 2023 

Participation fee is € 95- and can be booked on: www.dorlimuhr.at/events 


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