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PRIDE Cuvée: Let's celebrate love

by Astrid Rauch
Pride Cuvée Doktor Wunderer

Joy, diversity and the freedom to live and love however you choose are the maxims of Doktor Wunderer winery in Austria. "It's about the heart just beating with excitement and us radiating love from the inside out. It's about being able to be colourful and accepted, regardless of who or how you love," say Gerald Wunderer and Matthias Lobner, who are life partners and also the bosses of Doktor Wunderer winery.

Gerald and Matthias, who are both winemakers as well as a doctor and chef respectively, are only too aware of the sad reality that the free expression of love is still not possible in many places. They feel deeply connected to the Pride movement and never tire of pointing out the urgent need for action on range of fronts – societal, legal and medical – when it comes to LGBT+ rights. They want to broaden the understanding of so-called "normal life" and ultimately transform this understanding into reality.

A clear statement for love

And so, Doktor Wunderer winery is dedicating one of its very own wines to the Pride movement with the launch of its PRIDE cuvée. Like love itself, this white cuvée is meant to inspire. The wine delights with its floral accents, animated freshness and seductive liveliness. PRIDE lets you experience carefree intensity sip by sip. And it has only 12% alcohol. What's more for every bottle sold, one euro will be donated to the queer community centre Türkis Rosa Lila Villa.

PRIDE Doktor Wunderer Cuvée

How the PRIDE white cuvée tastes:

This cuvée shows the many fascinating sides of the wine world and brings them uncompromisingly into the glass. Exoticism and floral accents, animating freshness and seductive liveliness. A challenging year with a cool spring, a delayed start to vegetation, followed by a very dry initial summer period. Finally, eagerly awaited rainfall. And a happy finish: a golden autumn harvest. Despite, or perhaps because of, these difficult conditions, the 2022 vintage has produced outstanding wines, with wonderfully ripe aromatics, a piquant spiciness and fine volume. Over all this hovers a fascinating hint of freshness. We are proud of the PRIDE Cuvée from Doktor Wunderer Winery.

About Weingut Doktor Wunderer

Weingut Doktor Wunderer offers a view into our future. One that is beautiful, inspiring, and sustainable. Located in one of Austria’s coolest regions—the northern Weinviertel, bordering on its west side directly on the rugged Waldviertel—climate change has been as much boom as threat, allowing the production of wines borne by the freshness and bracing minerality for which Austria is famous. Dr. Gerald Wunderer, a physician by trade, has turned a family dream into reality, with roughly ten hectares of vineyards now cultivated as part of a challenging and sustainable wine project.

People behind Weingut Doktor Wunderer

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