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Markus Molitor: Domäne Serrig exclusively via La Place de Bordeaux

by Dorli Muhr
Domäne Serrig's two wines are being distributed via La Place de Bordeaux

Domäne Serrig is the first German winery to be traded exclusively on the renowned marketplace La Place de Bordeaux. Markus Molitor is now releasing his first wines from the monopole Vogelsang site. 

Top winemaker Markus Molitor has breathed new life into Domäne Serrig, a prestigious Saar estate established by the King of Prussia in 1904. He is now launching his first two wines after an extensive restructuring of the vineyards and renovation of its historic buildings. 

The estate is initially releasing the following wines: 

  • 2020 Serriger Vogelsang Grosse Lage, Domäne Serrig 

  • 2020 Serriger Vogelsang Kabinett, Domäne Serrig

These are distributed exclusively through La Place de Bordeaux, making Domäne Serrig the first German winery exclusively sold through this venerable marketplace.  

The release date was 14 November 2023. 

Pioneering winery

Under state control at the beginning of the 20th century, the domain developed into a showcase operation, with a pioneering winery that not only created world-class Rieslings but served as an example for the entire region. Markus Molitor has continued this trailblazing history since he bought the estate in 2016. In keeping with the historically anchored concept of quality, he restructured the 25-hectare, contiguous steep Vogelsang slope and has been renovating the cellar and sales premises since 2017. With the exclusive trade of the first wines from this vineyard via La Place de Bordeaux, another exciting chapter now begins for Domäne Serrig and Markus Molitor.  

2020 Serriger Vogelsang Grosse Lage, Domäne Serrig
2020 Serriger Vogelsang Grosse Lage, Domäne Serrig © Markus Molitor

2020 Serriger Vogelsang Grosse Lage, Domäne Serrig

Engage in the vibrant dance between expressive flint and delicate white fruit nuances. The palate reveals a finely structured body, both taut and commanding. Its unique minerality, reminiscent of sea salt, shines through. Concluding with a pristine finish, the wine lingers, asserting its near-endless persistence.

2020 Serriger Vogelsang Kabinett, Domäne Serrig

2020 Serriger Vogelsang Kabinett, Domäne Serrig

Embark on sensory journey with lucid white fruit aromas entwined with subtle slate undertones. Experience Clear aromas of white fruit paired with fine hints of slate. Delicate and precise, almost weightlessly dancing on the palate. Vibrant in the mineral finish, animating and nimble with a piquant aftertaste.

Porträt Markus Molitor

"Domäne Serrig is establishing itself as a top international winery, completely separate from Weingut Markus Molitor. For the launch, it was therefore essential for us to operate via a global distribution system that is recognised as the best in the world. This gives interested parties the opportunity to order our wines along with the great Bordeaux vintages and other top international wines. The logistical and administrative aspects also contributed significantly to this decision."

Markus Molitor, Owner

In brief: 

Domäne Serrig has partnered with the historic and renowned courtier, Excellence Vin,to distribute through La Place de Bordeaux. Serriger Vogelsang Grosse Lage, Domäne Serrig and Serriger Vogelsang Kabinett, Domäne Serrig were released on 14 November 2023. The two wines are being offered by the following negociants: Barrière Frères, Crus et Domaines de France, C.V.B.G, Maison Descaves, DIVA, Dubos, Duclot, Jean-Pierre Moueix, Joanne Rare Wines, L.D.Vins, Louis Vialard, Maison Ginestet, Roland Coiffe, Maison Sichel, Sovex, Twins, Ulysse Cazabonne and Veyret Latour.


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