Wine News

ProWein 2024

by Marion Topitschnig

Looking for fresh ideas and precious moments? These winegrowers and tastings are not to be missed.

Reinhard Muster
© Anna Stöcher

Muster.Gamlitz winery, South Styria

Every vineyard has its own DNA. For Austrian winemaker Reinhard Muster, Ried Grubthal is like a treasure chest full of freshness, minerality and extravagance. The winemaker is bringing the two stars – the Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay from the 2020 vintage – to this year's ProWein.

Hall 17 / J74

Verena & Stefan Langmann
© Anna Stöcher

Langmann winery, West Styria

Schilcher is considered the oldest Rosé style in central Europe. In contrast to other Rosé wines, pink is the natural colour of Schilcher. In the high-altitude vineyards of western Styria, on the edge of the Alps, Schilcher unfolds its full potential. With generations of expertise behind them, the Langmann family uses the indigenous Blauer Wildbacher grape to vinify single vineyard Schilcher wines full of density and lightness. At ProWein, they are bringing an impressive Schilcher vertical from different vineyard sites, Sauvignon Blancs characterised by the nearby Koralpe and unique sparkling wines.

Hall 17 / K74

Matthias Lobner &  Dr. Gerald Wunderer
© Stefan Jurecek

Doktor Wunderer winery, Weinviertel, Lower Austria

In the coolest corner of Austria's northern Weinviertel region, Doktor Wunderer takes advantage of the changing climate to develop wines that are characterised by the freshness and mineral tautness for which Austria is famous in the wine world. His focus is on Grüner Veltliner, the signature variety of the Weinviertel. Dr. Gerald Wunderer, a general practitioner and specialist in psychiatry, vinifies particularly light-footed, fresh and aromatic wines. At ProWein, Dr. Wunderer will present his Grüner Veltliner from the village of Straning: the self-confident Animus, the charming Anima and the uncompromising Corpus Delicati - plus a new wine, the elegant version of the orange wine Spiritus Vitae III.

Hall 17/M10
Hall 16/J55 (At the Feinschmecker stand)

Dorli Muhr
© Anna Stöcher

Dorli Muhr winery, Carnuntum, Lower Austria

Gault&Millau named her 'Exceptional Winemaker of the Year', while Wine&Spirits magazine considers her winery to be one of the 100 best in the world. Dorli Muhr discovered the potential of the barren limestone soils of the Spitzerberg more than 20 years ago. Step by step, parcel by parcel, she has since worked out the different sites and their characteristics in impressive Blaufränkisch wines. A tasting through her range is a fascinating experience of the terroir reflections of this red grape variety.

Hall 17/M16

Überflieger: Die Winzer:innen aus Carnuntum
© Anna Stöcher

Rubin Carnuntum Wineries, Carnuntum

The Carnuntum wine region between Vienna and Bratislava is historic soil. Once cultivated by the Romans, the grapes that now grow there benefit from a wide variety of geological features. A highly motivated generation of winemakers has awakened the region out of its slumber and is bringing the potential and characteristics of its most exciting individual vineyards into the bottle.

At ProWein – Hall 17

Top sommelier Marc Almert will lead the tasting.
© David Biedert

The DNA of Carnuntum: Masterclass with Marc Almert

It is a leap into the next dimension when winegrowers who are intensively involved with their soils decode the DNA of their individual vineyards. The winegrowers from Carnuntum have done just that.

World-class sommelier and Austrian wine expert Marc Almert will be analysing the DNA of some of their most outstanding single vineyards in a masterclass at this year's ProWein.

Date: Monday, 11. March from 12:00 until 12:30

Location: at the ÖWM seminar area in Hall 17 / G20

The number of participants is limited. A valid ticket for ProWein 2024 is required to register. Registrations can be made directly on site. A select number are available in advance.

Jasper Reidel with Karsten Peter and Achim Kirchner
© Gut Hermannsberg

Gut Hermannsberg, Nahe

Gut Hermannsberg has no fewer than seven VDP.GROSSE.LAGEN. But it is not only the origin that makes the exceptional wines from Gut Hermannsberg so special, but the luxury of time. The top wines are allowed to mature for five years before they are released to the market for the first time. Gut Hermannsberg has thus impressively demonstrated the potential of its outstanding vineyards for years. The uncompromising quality concept runs through the entire Gut Hermannsberg range. Right down to the base wines, the Gut Hermannsberg collection is impressive.

Hall 1 / A 69

Clementine Perlitt, Christoph Graf and Maria Deckers

VAUX, Rheingau

Sparkling wine producer VAUX, founded in 1868, combines French elegance and German fruit. Originally based in the Château de VAUX in Berlin, the company relocated after the First World War to Eltville in the Rheingau region. VAUX became a renowned sparkling wine house that knows how to harmoniously combine European traditions in sparkling production like no other. This philosophy can be found throughout the VAUX range, especially in the house's flagship, the Rheingau Réserve with its unique complexity and character. VAUX is also keenly aware of changing lifestyles: with Nouvaux, the sparkling wine producer presents a high-quality, low-alcohol sparkling wine with just two percent alcohol by volume, keeping its finger on the pulse of the times.

Hall 1 / A50

Epokale matures in a mine tunnel
© Kellerei Tramin

Kellerei Tramin, Alto Adige

With the Gewürztraminer Epokale, Tramin winery has created a white wine monument that is now highly sought after by collectors worldwide. Epokale is to date the only white wine in Italy to have achieved the highest rating of 100 Parker points, with prices on the secondary market rising every year. Epokale was the brainchild of Tramin cellar master Willi Stürz; it is a Gewürztraminer of alpine freshness and baroque fullness in equal measure. An absolutely exceptional drop. Epokale is allowed to mature for seven years in complete peace, coolness and darkness in the highest mine tunnel in Europe, working towards perfection. The latest release is therefore 2016, which is becoming more and more similar in style to the 100-point 2009 vintage. Visitors to ProWein should come and see for themselves, as Epokale 2016 will be available to taste there – only small samples, of course, and only by appointment. The 2017 vintage will remain in the cellar for longer and will only be brought to light during 2025.

Hall 15 / E 71

Die drei Weine der Tenuta Monteti
© Tibor Rauch

Tenuta Monteti, Maremma, Tuscany

Founded by former Italian Economy Minister and Biennale President Paolo Baratta, daughter Eva Baratta and husband Javier Pedrazzini now run the Tuscan winery in the wild and romantic Maremma. The history of the winery is worthy of a film and the range of varieties is not commonplace, as the winemaking couple focus on just three styles: two reds, Monteti and Caburnio, as well as TM Rosé.

Hall 16 / G15